Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Key to My Heart

Cheryl is our card expert, but today I wanted to share a little card I made recently...
All product is American Crafts which includes the Studio Calico wood veneer people. If I understand correctly, American Crafts actually handles the product production for Studio Calico's scrapbook lines now.
This card will go to Mike one day of course. Either for our anniversary or Valentine's Day I am sure.

Have you made any cards recently? Are you a card maker or do you prefer layouts only?
I have found that after making a layout or two, especially if I use a coordinating line, I like to also make at least one card. It's a great way to use up scraps!

If you would like to share any of your favorite cards, or make a new card from the scraps of any layouts you are working on, you can post them to our Facebook group found here! :)


  1. Such a sweet card, Mary Jo! Love the mixed fonts in the sentiment. I'm in love with the Studio Calico wood veneers. :)

  2. This will be perfect for Mike! :) As you know, I just picked up some of the wood veneer pieces from SC, have yet to use them though. Thanks for the inspiration Mary Jo!

  3. That is plain cute!! i love everything coming from AC lately!

  4. What a great card, Mary Jo!!! I love those figures!!


Images by Freepik