Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Layouts About Dad

Father's Day is just a few days away
and I thought I would share a few layouts I have done in the past with a "dad" theme.
Wow, can you say older layout :)  And I know this because my son in this photo just turned ten! I still can't get over how small he was in this photo.
And here is one from five years ago, when our daughter was born. That seems like just yesterday as well!
This layout is from Valentine's day a few years ago!
These are just a few examples of "daddy pages" I have done.
And seeing that they are all older, it makes me realize that I need to add a few more recent pages about Mike to our albums!

This is my most recent dad layout about my dad

I wanted to scrap this small photo booth pic of the two of us, but of course I don't remember anything about when it was taken. So the journaling talks about some of my favorite memories with my dad :)

 Have you done any pages recently or in the past about a daddy in your life?


  1. Wonderful Daddy layouts, Mary Jo!!

  2. I love them Mary Jo! I think it's fascinating to see how your style has evolved through the years too. :)

  3. Mary Jo I love the transitioning layouts! So very cool!

    I also love the one with your dad and how did the journaling :)

  4. These are great layouts. I have not made any father's day layouts at all but I don't think I have any pics of me with my dad...

  5. Gale - do you have a card from him, a note or anything like that? Or a photo of a place that makes you think of him?


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