Friday, June 8, 2012

Ribbon, anyone?

For this Friday, I've got a quick and easy challenge for the Nesters.  If you're anything like me you've got an abundance of ribbon and twine and fibers.  I've got a basket full of them, and I sometimes even forget what I have (eeks!).  I've started to re-organize all my supplies so I can better see (and use) what I have, but for now, it's sometimes a bit like "Where's Waldo?" in my craft room.  :)

Today's challenge is to pull out your ribbon, or twine, or fiber, and use one or more on a layout!  It's so easy - a perfect challenge for the weekend.  :)

Here's my sample layout:

I used some herringbone ribbon and baker's twine on this layout about my boys and their "shared" clothing.

I'd love to see your ribbon (or twine) bedecked layout.  Please share on our Facebook group (and if you're not already a member, just ask and I'll be glad to add you!).

Happy crafting!


  1. Fabulous, Dawn!
    Evan actually has that shirt, too :)

  2. LOVE this, Dawn!! I have an abundance of ribbon and twine, too!!

  3. Great layout. I haven't made a scrapbook page since forever but I've been wanting to and I have a lot of ribbon and twine lying around here...

    1. Gale, go for it! I'm re-organizing my scrap-room and I'm finding that I have a lot of everything lying around. :)


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