Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scrap Your Friends!

Today I wanted to share a layout I created about three of my best friends.
I realized after making this layout that I definitely have not made enough pages about my friendships.

This layout actually came about for two reasons. I found the quote you see on my page on Pinterest one day, and knew I needed to use it. When the theme of the kit over at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out this month was Truth, well it seemed like the time was now!

The journaling reads:
This quote reminded me of a night about a year ago when I received a not so nice email from someone I had once considered a friend.
Thankfully I was in the car with three of my best friends coming home from a fun night of celebrating my birthday.
I had pulled out my phone to check the time and saw that I had a new email. After reading it, I showed the message to my friends. They immediately reassured me that it wasn't worth thinking about or reading. They knew this former friend was wrong in so many ways.
But the truth is, I know I am not perfect. I am human after all. And I know there are moments in my life when I  could have handled situations better.
But what I have also discovered through these women, my friends, is the meaning of true friendship. A true friend will accept you flaws and all. A true friend won't try to bully, manipulate or control you. A true friend will stick by you through the good as well as the bad.
These women are true friends! They are my village and I am a part of theirs. And they encourage me to be the best friend I can be.
We are raising our children together. Supporting each other in any way we possibly can. And I am and will always be so, so grateful for the gift of their friendship!

So my challenge to you is Create a layout about friendship!

And if you are looking for some more challenges, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out has two new challenges for the month of June up already. You can see them here!


  1. Wonderful layout, Mary Jo! It was wonderful that you were with your friends when you received this unpleasant email.

  2. So sorry that this happened to you Mary Jo! I too have experienced the pain of something like this from someone whom I thought would have never done that to anyone, much less me, who was supposed to be one of her best friends! You can recover from something like this, and even be friends again, but not "True Friends" like you have now! Love Penny

  3. Great LO. I really do need to scrap more about my friends. I may take you up on this challenge.

  4. Wonderful layout, always good to have TRUE friends around :)


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