Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Works of Art

Happy Monday!  Cheryl here and I'm thinking really small today.  LOL   Last Monday, I had an ATC challenge and today, I have an INCHIE Challenge.  What's an inchie?  It's a tiny "canvas" that's only 1" x 1". That's really small..   Here's a picture of some of the inchies that I've created:

These inchies started out as acrylic tiles that were in a package of assorted sized tiles, by Tim Holtz.  (The first thing I always do is roll a piece of masking tape and stick these little guys down to my work surface.)

The next thing I did was cover them with black gesso.  Did you know that gesso came in black?  It's gorgeous!!  I coated them pretty liberally, so that none of the acrylic showed through, and while they were still tacky, I sprinkled them with ultra fine black glitter.

The tiny butterflies were fussy cut from some patterned paper and I bent their wings up for dimension.  Then I coated them with glitter glue.  The tiny words are from 7Gypsies, 97% Complete.

What do you do with inchies?  That's a question that I hear over and over.  Well, here's a card that I made using two of these inchies.  (Purists will tell you that you use inchies in threes, but I'm not a purist ~ I used two of them for this card:

If you'd like to try making some inchies, we'd love to see them in our Facebook Group.  Just a note: you can use any kind of "base" that you want to use.  I've even used cardboard.  Heavy weight cardstock works just fine, too.  The sky's the limit ~ just let your imagination run free!  (If it seems any bigger, inchies can also be 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"!  That makes a lot of difference, doesn't it?  LOL)

That's my challenge for this week and I hope you try making these little cuties.  I'll see you back here next Monday and be sure to check back on Wednesday and again on Friday, for Mary Jo and Dawn's challenges.

~ Cheryl ~


  1. Those are so pretty, Cheryl! I had never heard of inchies so learned something new today :)

  2. Thanks, Mary Jo! I hope you give them a try. :)


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