Friday, August 24, 2012

Doily Love

Hello Nesters and Happy Friday!  Cheryl here to bring you my Friday Challenge.  Do you know what's inexpensive, fairly easy to find and looks awesome on cards and layouts?  DOILIES!!  I'm talking about those paper doilies that are just about everywhere.  I even find them at the Dollar Store, especially when the Christmas and Valentine goodies start showing up on the shelves.  You can always find them at Michael's (and probably Joan's) - but Michael's has a wonderful baking and candy making section where you can find all sizes.  I absolutely love them!!

I suppose I love doilies so much because they remind me of both of my grandmas.  I have dozens of doilies, of all sizes, that Granny and Grandma crocheted that I'll never part with.  (I'm SO sentimental about my doilies that I've never used any of the ones that my grandmas crocheted on a project that would require gluing or otherwise altering.  (I have used those cheap dollar "fake" handmade doilies on a thing or two, though.)

do love to use paper doilies on my projects.   If I showed you all the things I've used doilies on, it would be many many posts, so I've just picked out a few things to share with you today.   This is one of my more recent cards.  I wanted to use this image, which I call "Marilyn" that I got from Free Vintage Images.   I had gotten these beautiful handmade flowers from a friend and wanted to use them along with this piece of yellow patterned paper.  Still, I needed something to made the card "pop".  The paper doilies were just the perfect touch.  Notice I said doilies - that's because I never think one thickness looks like enough.  I usually use at least two, sometimes three.

Here's another card where I used doilies.  The nest is also from Free Vintage Images.  LOL  Seems like I use these a lot, doesn't it?  

Here's another card:

This card is a doily.  LOL  Many doilies, in fact.  I had to make it stiff enough to stand up.  When I got ready to photograph it, I had to put it on this little stand.

I made this card a few years ago and it's one that I've kept.  It's one of my favorite cards ever.  I found this image free on the internet.  I was surfing, trying to find a vintage Valentine image that I liked.  I loved this one because my husband's father was from The Netherlands and I loved the "Vy Not Be My Valentine?"

It doesn't photograph as well as I'd like, because it has coats of Mod Podge on it.  I folded this doily and put it behind the image.

Last, but certainly not least, here's  layout I created last Valentine's Day.  It's one of my favorite photographs of my parents.

I found these pink doilies at the Dollar Store.  They're heart-shaped and I actually used three of them behind the picture.  The points are all together (under the picture).

There are so many ways to use doilies in your projects.  My challenge this week is to create something that you use a doily or doilies on.  They can be any size and they can even be digital.  I just used a digital doily for a layout, in fact.  I'll save the digital doilies for another post.  Haha

You can upload your project to our Craft Your Nest Facebook Group.  If you haven't joined our group, we'd love to have you!!  Be sure to "like" us here at our Craft Your Nest Facebook Page.  There's always room at the nest!!

I'll be back next Friday with a new challenge for you!  Happy Crafting!

~ Cheryl ~


  1. Great job, Cheryl! Looking forward to giving it a go. I know I have some doilies from Valentine's Day around here somewhere..... (it's likely I have the entire lost world of Atlantis here somewhere, too....)

    Lisa - Scrappy Distractions

  2. Cheryl, these are fabulous projects! I need some doilies now :)

  3. Beautiful uses for doilies! I found a package of them recently while cleaning out my room. I'll have to keep this post in mind so I can use them up.


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