Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Escaping with Kits!

One of the things I love about kits is having a set of product already put together for you. No need to spend ages agonizing over what you are going to use on this particular layout or to go with this photo or that idea.

For me, kits are also a great challenge. For several projects, I try to use only the contents of my kit to create. I may pull an alphabet here and there, but that is it!

In the month of August, I was lucky to work with a kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out that had a great theme as well. Escape! As I sat down to brainstorm ideas for layouts, I managed to come up with a few different interpretations of Escape.

Of course you have your obvious travel themes which I used on this layout...
about a weekend excursion to the lake. And this layout...
which was an anniversary trip.
But then I decided to go a little out of the box.
This was actually the first idea I came up with. Even before thinking of traveling. I actually shared this layout at the beginning of the month on a post about books.
And every once in a while, it is great to escape for a night out with my friends :)
For this layout, I went a little deeper. I wanted to share my feelings about escaping real life to just have some quiet time to myself.

So four different versions of escape created using one kit!
Of course kits can come from kit clubs, but you can also put kits together on your own using coordinating product.
Have you ever used a kit or belonged to a kit club?


  1. I LOVE getting other people's perspective about kits. When I've used kits for DT's I also try to use just the kits. I really like getting them. I feel like it's "inspiration in a box".

    Your projects are wonderful, Mary Jo!!

  2. Great layouts. I can't decide which I like best but I love the window cutouts! I have never used a kit (so that's probably why I don't get much done).


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