Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The End of Summer

I am always a little sad when summer ends.
And the beginning of the school year pretty much signals that for me.
Luckily my kids start pretty late this year compared to most schools.
In fact, several of their friends and cousins have already been in school a week or two.
But we have until next Monday before getting back into the school year routine :)
And after such a fun summer, I am trying to enjoy every last minute.
Remembering the good times and why I love summer.
To me...
summer is...
a time for relaxing...

a time for traveling near...
 or far...
It's a time for playing outside and enjoying life.

What is summer to you?


  1. Gorgeous layouts! I love those colors-definitely very summery.

  2. What sweet layouts, Mary Jo. You brought a smile to my face.

  3. Love all of your Lo's!! Love the papers you used and all of the variety of designs!!
    You are rockin the Lo's!!
    Summer to us is having fun with variety of activites together, relaxing and making memories!!
    We start on Monday to I have been sad to have already shed a few tears and Im sure will be crying all the way home on Monday!!

  4. Great layouts. Summer to me is relaxing times up at the lake. Tons of work getting set up in the spring and then a summer of relaxing, palying cards and scrabble and our latest obsession...aggravation! A time to swim, lay down on the lounge chairs (never have time to do this at home), sleep in, go out on the boat with a picnic lunch, papercraft every Wednesday at the clubhouse at the resort, barbeque every night, eat a ton of salads, try out some new recipes, and just generally RELAX!


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