Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Challenge Accepted :)

If you saw this post last week, you will remember that my challenge was to write a letter to use as journaling on a layout. I am happy to say that my friend Shalini did just that!
She wrote a beautiful letter to her daughter. You can see her post about it here and get a closer look at her letter which is so, so touching.
I got to know Shalini several years ago at an on-line scrapbook site that is no longer open. Cropper's Cottage. I met so many wonderful women there that I thankfully am still in contact with because of facebook :)
But I am also a long time reader of Shalini's blog as well. She is one of those women who is literally beautiful inside and out. And her posts always make me think, teach me so much about her culture, and give me DIY ideas for projects. She has recipes on there and beautiful photography from her travels and everyday life. She is a mom and wife so I can relate to her stories about life with her daughters and husband on so many levels.

Thank you for joining in on the challenge, Shalini!
And I owe you a little RAK for playing along :)

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  1. I LOVE your layout and the letter that you featured, Shalini. Thanks for participating in one of our Craft Your Nest projects!! We hope it won't be the last!!


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