Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Word Titles

I am a huge believer in the less is more philosophy.
Which I think is why I tend to be more of a "simple scrapper" most days.
And there are days when I believe in keeping my titles short and to the point using just one word.
In fact, sometimes one word can make quite a statement!
For this layout, I just had a simple question that I'm not sure even I have the answer. But the topic is just something that I think about often. Why can't we just let kids be kids? Why don't adults see the harm they do at times? And why are children usually the ones to suffer as a result?

I actually created this one for Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life class. It was the first time I ever used an enlarged photo on one of my layouts. And to me, the one word title was enough!
I really wanted to use this cute little die cut title card on a layout, and finally got the chance with this photo :)
One of my favorite trips ever. And the title page for an album I am creating with my thoughts and feeling about it.
Can I just say how much I loved using a sling! I will always be happy I have this photo :)
And I know I used this layout for my post last week, but it falls under the category :)

So my challenge to you - Create a layout or card using just one word as your title.
When you do, link here or post to our Facebook page so we can see your beautiful work!
Happy Creating!


  1. Beautiful layouts! Sometimes I'm lucky to use a title at all. lol. And I hate journaling. Love that sling pic-that is precious.

  2. Mary Jo,

    Beautiful! That is my one word for your LOs. I love them. I like the less is more too. Sometimes we get so caught up in the title we lose site in the important things. Your photography is beautiful too.

    Thanks for sharing these beauties!

    Belinda (42)

  3. I love reading the stories behind your layouts!! I agree that quite often one word makes a big statement!!

  4. Very cool! And I'm always banging my head trying to come up with a title!

  5. love youe layouts, many of them after reminders as they are on my 'to lift' list. Thanks for the challenge, I'll try my best to participate. Thank you for making me do scrapbooking and not just think it :-)

  6. I love all of these layouts. The one word titles work so perfectly here. I will definitely be working on a one word title layout this weekend!

  7. Thanks, Everyone!
    Looking forward to seeing any creations you come up with :)


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