Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Musical Inspiration

I am such a music junkie!
I don't know what I would do without my ipod for exercise or cleaning the house.
And in many ways, music has been inspirational to me over the years.
I have used a lot of lyrics from songs as titles, quotes, or for journaling on my scrapbook pages over the years.
Here are a few examples.
This is from several years ago back in 2006! I had a few photos of a neighbor's daughter that I babysat from the time she was 14 months until she was three. Evan has literally grown up with her because they have known each other since they were babies. At the time of this layout, I loved, loved KT Tunstall's song Suddenly I See. And a part of the lyrics became the title for this layout :)
Here's a layout that was one of those pages that didn't turn out the way I had hoped. You know, one of those layouts that you can picture in your head, but cannot get it to come out that way on a page :)
Anyway, I used some lyrics from a song called Giving Up the Gun by Vampire Weekend as the title. Every time I heard those lyrics, I thought of Erin!
This one of course uses lyrics from a favorite song and band of mine, U2. Evan has a playlist on his ipod of quiet U2 music he put together and listens to at bedtime. "One" is the first song on that list and I hear it every night as we talk about his day a little bit before bed. Those lyrics are stuck in my head forever. So much truth to them!
A more recent layout that I may have shared here before has a title inspired by lyrics from a song called Houdini by Foster the People. My layout has nothing to do with the song, but every time I heard those lyrics I thought about how sometimes I wished I could get away when life got crazy. It's funny how just one simple line can take on a whole new meaning then what was originally intended.
I know you have seen this one before in my one word titles post. But it has some of my favorite U2 lyrics ever in it. And although I didn't originally choose my title because it is a U2 song, it hit me afterwards that "Stay" is such a great song by them. So fitting for this page.
My most recent layout uses lyrics from a song by Jason Mraz called "If It Kills Me". You can see a portion of the lyrics, the ones that inspired this layout, to the right of the photo. And then at the bottom of my journaling is a secondary title that twists the words around a bit to fit my story.

So there are many ways you can be inspired by and use song lyrics on your scrapbook pages.
Have you done any pages with song lyrics you would like to share?
Or if you are inspired to create a page using song lyrics, we would love to see it! Cards work, too :)
Either link up here, or you can post on our Facebook page group (link up at the top right).

*And Rosey was my winner last week for the alphabet set, but I haven't heard from you yet ;)
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  1. Beautiful layouts-every one of them! I especially like the one with the floating hearts-that one really caught my eye.

  2. I"m with you in the whole music thing. Forgot my headphones one day and ended up not walking that day cause I. Just. Can't. Exercise. WIthout. Music.

    Great LO's !

  3. I'm also so influenced by music! I've used lots of titles and lyrics on layouts in the past.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful layouts, Mary Jo!!

  4. I love how you used the lyrics on all of these layouts! Music can be so influential, and its great how you captured that here.

  5. FABoulous layouts!! My favorite is the one with the hearts. I love the movement you created and all the different patterned papers you used. Have a great week!


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