Friday, November 2, 2012

I Love Technology!

Hello Nesters and happy Friday!  Cheryl here and I know I'm running late today.  I have a good excuse - I went and got my flu shot today.  I thought it would be an in and out thing, but you know it's never an in and out thing at a doctor's office.  LOL  Anyway, I'm all set for flu season!

So, why did I title my post "I Love Technology"?  Well, first of all, I DO love it and secondly, I have a story to tell you about why I created this digital layout:

Many years ago, one of my sisters lived in a little historic town named Newburgh.  It's in southern Indiana and we all grew up in central Indiana.  We visited her quite often and every time we did, we went to this really awesome country store.  That was always a must-go-to place.

Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago.  My other sister (who still lives in central Indiana) made a day trip to southern Indiana to take her granddaughter to visit her boyfriend at college.  My sister called me and asked me if I remembered the name of the little town that our other sister used to live in.  She knew that she was real close and just couldn't remember the name of the little town.  I got on my computer and googled the nearby larger city and when I told her "Newburgh", she said she wondered if that country store was still there.  Just about that time, the Newburgh Country Store came up in my search.

I gave Gayla the address and she got Onstar on the line and they directed her right to the country store.  I was still on the phone with her when she pulled up and she told me it still looked exactly like she remembered.  She took some pictures and sent them right to me.  To make a long story short, the photograph in the layout is of the Newburgh Country Store as it looks today - exactly like it looked all those years ago!

So, again - isn't technology wonderful?  I actually created this layout for a DT reveal at Kaboodle Doodles last week.  Our theme was anything fall related and this picture was perfect.  The digital kit I used is from Echo Park and is called Fall Fever.

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~ Cheryl ~


  1. What a great story ! This is the reason I love scrapping. All those sotries to be shared.

  2. Love that story! I agree-technology sure has changed our world. I love being able to look things up on the go. Beautiful layout-love the fall colors and that banner!

  3. I love that story!!
    And I have to agree that technology is a wonderful thing :)

  4. Hi Cheryl, this is wonderful, and I also agree about technology, because without it I would not have "met" so many amazing crafters from around the world.


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