Friday, December 14, 2012

Instructagram Photo Tag

Hello Nesters.  Can you believe it's Friday again..................already?  I could count the days remaining 'til Christmas, but I won't.  LOL

SO, have you all heard about INSTRUCTAGRAM?  It's kind of like Pinterest, but everything on there is a "tutorial" (they would probably call it "instructional").  Well, I put my first "Instructagram" on there today.  I created a tag with my grandson, Asher's, picture on it and as I was making it, I took pictures of each step.  My original idea was to put the tutorial on here today like I do so often.  Then I thought,"why not make my very first Instructagram"?  So that's what I did.  Here's my tag.

Here's a screenshot of what my "Instructagram" looks like:

There was an "embed code" but I think that must be for the sidebar, because I couldn't get it to work here in the body of my post.  Like I said, this was my very first time to do this.  Here's the link to my tag instructions on Instructagram:

I also started a new board on Pinterest called "My Instructagrams" and pinned this to my Pinterest board.  It's so much fun, isn't it?  I just love all of these things and can only hope I don't become as addicted to Instructagram as I already am to Pinterest.

I hope you're all in the home stretch for your Christmas projects and preparations.  I know I am and it feels good!  I got the last of my cards addressed today.

Thanks for stopping by and hop on over to Instructagram and check out my Photo Tag Instructagram.

~ Cheryl ~

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  1. Very cool resource, Cheryl!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    And he is such a cutie :)


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