Friday, December 7, 2012

Lots of Christmas Ideas & Some Freebies

I just LOVE finding cute Christmas ideas and love it even MORE when they're free!!  I thought I'd share some new sites and blogs that I've come across lately.  I'm going to keep some of these ideas in my "To Do File".

This first blog is called Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess and believe me, there's SO much to see!  I clicked on "Christmas Stuff" and loved some of the ideas I saw - along with links to fabulous freebies to download!

I found a site called ALL FREE CHRISTMAS CRAFTS!  All I'm going to say about this site is that it's amazing!!  Again, this will go into my "To Do File.  The very first link on the left hand side is Advent Calendars.  I know it's probably too late for this year, but there's always next year.  LOL

I'm going to close with this post because you still have time to do this one.  It's the CUTEST free owl calendar that I've ever seen!  I absolutely love owls and even though this isn't a Christmas project, I want to share it with all of you Nesters.   It's on The Owl Barn blog and here's a little preview:

Can you resist that face?  LOL

I hope you've enjoyed my freebies today - you know I share my very best here at Craft Your Nest!!  We're still looking for Guest Bloggers, so if you're interested, just let us know here or over in our Facebook Group.  If you haven't already joined, we'd love to have you!

~ Cheryl ~

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