Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo Inspiration Challenge

Hello and Happy Friday!  Well, again this year ~ I'm attempting to do the "Photo-A-Day".  I started last year and made it for about three months until my life got a little crazy and I had too many other things to worry about.  I'm going to try to take a photo a day again this year.  So far, I've taken at least one photo a day ~ some days I take more.

We had a white Christmas and had lots of snow on the ground for several weeks so the first few pictures of the new year are pictures I took of the snow and ice.  I'm holding a Photo Inspiration Challenge at one of the sites that I'm active on and thought I'd offer it here too if any of you Nesters are interested.

Here are the photographs that I'm using as inspiration pieces and you can go wherever the "inspiration" takes you.

Here's Photograph #1:

Here's Photograph #2:

Aren't they "icy looking" and the first photograph is very "blue" and cold looking.

I figured that I have an awesome new phone and it takes awesome pictures that I would try to take some of my Photos of a Day with my cell phone and put them on Instagram.  Here's my "stuff" on Instagram is you'd like to take a look at any of it.

SO ~ here's my proposal ~ if you'd like to create something that inspires you after looking at my two pictures ~ I'd LOVE to see it!!  I'd ALSO like to know what made you choose the specific photograph you chose and what inspired you the most about it.

Since today is January 18th already I'll leave this challenge invitation open until February 18th.  That will give you plenty of time to become inspired and think of a project that you'd like to complete.

Of course I'll be offering a RAK (maybe two).  Want to see what you'd be playing for?

How about a package of unopened, Webster's Pages Designer Trims?  This will go the first place winner, who will be selected by Random Generator.  If we have at least six people participate, I'll have a second prize too ~ also selected by Random Generator.  The time that you post your project in the Facebook Group will determine your number in the drawing.  (Make sense?)  Want to see the second prize?

Two packages of brand new, never been opened Webster's Pages Florettes {two different sets} + a box full  (never been opened) of  Webster's Pages Deluxe Journaling Card Set.  Worth winning?  If you think so, get busy and let us see what inspires you about my two photographs posted up at the top.

Remember, you can post your projects in our Facebook Group.  Be sure to tell me which photograph your creation is based on and how it inspired you.

Your project must be new as of today and the challenge ends on February 18th.  February 18th is on Monday, and I won't post again til Friday Feb 22nd so the winner(s) will be announced in my post on Friday February 22nd.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've tempted you to try my challenge.

~ Cheryl ~

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  1. What a great challenge, Cheryl!
    So creative and great photos :)


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