Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day for Families

Today I'm pleased to present a guest post from Kristin Steward; she's here to share some ideas on making Valentine's Day special with your family:

Valentine’s Day is considered by most to be a day where couples buy Valentine’s Day cards for their significant other. This is accompanied by a gift, bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner, or maybe a piece of jewelry from Kay Jewelers as all the television commercials show. It may also include a spa day, a foot massage or a back rub (love those!). Once there is a family, however, it is good to involve every member in Valentine’s Day festivities, and every holiday, to teach values and what the real meanings of these holidays are. It is a day of showing love to all including family, friends, neighbors and strangers that need a helping hand. 

Photo courtesy Shuttefly

Getting together with the kids and taking photos for your specially made Valentine’s Day cards is one activity that can be fun and creative. Shutterfly has many options to create a card that your whole family could agree on. These cards can be sent to friends and relatives, and even to classmates.  Creating handmade gifts like fruit baskets and containers filled with home baked cookies can be enjoyed together. Nestle Toll House has the best recipe to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies, and you can even shape them into hearts with cookie cutters.  

Photo courtesy Nestle

These thoughtful and homemade gifts made from the heart and given in reusable holiday tins will be a nice surprise for a lonely or elderly neighbor, or for someone like the mailman who quietly serves you all year long. When she/he takes all of your cards give him something homemade to be enjoyed.  You might also replace the Christmas vine wreath with one decorated with hearts and red and pink flowers that your family can make together. A great place to get arts and craft supplies is at Michaels. When each holiday comes around they have so many festive supplies that can be in your family’s crafted decorations. Keep an eye out after each holiday too when everything goes on sale!

Photo courtesy Ever Blooming Originals

Every holiday should be viewed as an opportunity to perform services to help others as a family as well as joining together in creative activities. It will create closeness to each other and also to those who share the same community as you and your family. Try thinking green when creating decorations and gifts as well.  Nature will thank you for it and reward you with the gift of lifelong appreciation for the earth and all of its wonder.  Holidays are more than just days to eat well. They are days to live well by helping others to do the same. 


Images by Freepik