Monday, February 18, 2013

Fry Box Freebies

Happy Monday!  I'll be double-posting this week (I'm going to share a couple peeks of our Valentine's Day celebration with y'all).  Today, though, I've got some more freebies from our friends at My Memories!

They have put together some really cute Fry Boxes that you can download, print, and craft at home.  You can download the tutorial for creating the boxes by clicking here.

The first set is the "Boys" set (and since I have three fellas at home, I'm a bit partial to this one).  You can download this set here.

The second set is called "Classic Pink" and may be downloaded here.

And the third one is titled "Peppermint Basics" (I love the polka dots!); this set may be downloaded here.

I hope you enjoy!  And if you have kids off school for President's Day, this may be a fun project for the afternoon.  :)


  1. Hi Mary Jo, Dawn, and Cheryl
    We found your blog through Bower Power and LOVE it! Your blog design is seriously adorable. We wanted to pass the Liebster Award down to you guys! To find out more about this award you can read about it at our blog here:
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    Megan and Taylor


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