Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scrap That Music

I love to create layouts about what I am listening to right now on my ipod.
Here is my most recent...
five Cd's that I am listening to a lot!

Here is my layout I did in April of 2012...
We went to a lot of concerts that spring including Jane's Addiction and The Black Keys from my list. So of course I was listening to them a lot :)

And a layout from May of 2011...
which didn't use any photos. Just song titles and the band name.

Do you ever create layouts or scrapbook projects about the music you love?


  1. Other than concert pictures I don't think I have . I probably should. COuld be interesting to see how it changes over the years. I used to listen to straight up mainstream country music, but now there is quite a bit of Americana, Texas and Red dirt music on my ipod as well.

  2. Awesome layouts and I love how you incorporate your daily life into your work!!! No, I don't think I've ever scrapped about the music I love. I should, because music is a big part of my life, too!! I'm probably first and foremost a "soul town" lover. Motown + Soul. That's what I listen to most on XM.


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