Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday

I was really challenged by Mary Jo's post Wednesday about her Project Life pages.  Honestly, I haven't been too keen on Project Life, but I was challenged enough to look and see what was available in digital scrapbooking.

You're probably familiar with Echo Park's "Photo Freedom" but did you know it was also available in digi?  Look what I found and bought.

Aren't these awesome?  I have to admit that I haven't done anything with it yet and hopefully, I'll have at least the month of May done by next week.  I have some great pictures that I'd like to use.  The thing I like about Project Life is that you can start right now.  You don't have to go back to January ~ you can start anywhere you want to.  When I broke it down and started thinking about it like that, it started making more sense to me.  I also just got Photoshop 11 and as always with PSE, there's a "learning curve".  I didn't think it would be that different from PSE 10, but it is.  Anyway, hopefully I can get it all figured out by next week.

Mary Jo also has an awesome giveaway that she posted on Wednesday.  Here's the picture of what she's giving away.

Neat stuff, huh???  Go check out her post and maybe you'll be the lucky winner.

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~ Cheryl ~

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  1. I haven't tried Project life yet but like the idea...maybe one day lol! Just stopping by to see how you are doing Cheryl!


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