Friday, July 5, 2013

Project Life Pages

Hello and happy Friday!

Last week, in my post, I told you that I had been challenged (by Mary Jo's post) to try Project Life.  I also showed you the Echo Park digital Photo Freedom Elements that I bought.  I promised you that if I could figure out my brand new Photoshop 11 that I'd have at least one page to show you this week.

Well, there was a learning curve between PSE 10 and PSE 11 (isn't there always??)  However, after watching a couple of pertinent tutorials on YouTube (such as "where are my layers" and "where is my photo bin") I figured it out.  I must admit ~ are you ready for this ~ PSE 11 is much more user-friendly than PSE 10!!!  You heard it here.  LOL  Once I figured out how to navigate it (because they have made lots of visual changes and "hidden" a lot of stuff) it IS easier.  

Anyway, I digress.  I said I was doing Project Life, but I guess what I'm really doing is Project 12.  It doesn't really matter ~ I'm just trying to get some pictures and elements on pages that correspond with the different months.

Here's the page I came up with for May.  I had fun with some of my (six) grandkids one day out in the pool. Look at those goofy boys ~ one with a spoon stuck to his nose and the other "posing" with a Pringles can.  Haha  

I just love these cute journaling elements that came in the 3 file set of EP Photo Freedom Elements.  All 12 months are included on different colored cards and some of the elements are smaller, like the arrow and "Good Times" and they fill in nicely in the smaller spaces.

I used white as the background and when the layout was all completed, I put a black border around it.

Here's the layout I created for the month of June.

The grandkids and I scrapped for a couple of days and we had so much fun!  What better way to document a month that by scrapping the kiddoes having fun creating.  I didn't use one of the month cards on this one, but wrote a title and included the month.

I made this layout black and just added the pictures and elements to that.  I think the black background really looks good with these particular pictures.  These pictures are some Instagram pictures that I had printed and they had those adorable double black and white borders on them.

Then I got even braver when I saw a Project 12 Challenge over on Turtle Soup.  Lisa is holding the challenge and posted this double page sketch.

Whoa ~ I don't do double page layouts ~ not in paper and most definitely not in digital.

Then I thought, why not try it?  So I did and I want to share my February Project 12 double page layout with you.

I especially loved creating this one (after I got over my trepidation of the double page) because I left the ice and snow and flew to Florida in February.  

Again, I used a black background (you fill it in with the paint bucket) and I used Instagram pictures again.  For an extra added touch, I used all white script writing to describe the two extremes in weather.

So there you have it ~ my foray into Project Life/Project 12 ~ call it what you will.  I had seen so much "hoopla" about it and didn't really think it was for me, but you know what?  It's quite fun and I've enjoyed documenting these months.  Will I faithfully do every month?  Maybe I will ~ at least some of them.

Have you given this a try?  Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and let us know if you have.  We love it if you'd share some of your Project Life/Project 12 pages with us.  

Thanks for stopping by today!

~ Cheryl ~


  1. Fabulous Project Life Page Cheryl!

  2. Those turned out wonderful!
    I actually might try that sketch, too! :)


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