Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Stamp Challenge!

I am not a big stamper. Generally you will not see me using stamps on my projects except for the occasional card. It's not that I don't own stamps. I do. Not a huge amount, but enough that I feel I really should put them to use more often.
My stamp rubber stamps are in this drawer...
with my ink pads hiding underneath...
although those are both older photos. I do have a few more rubber stamps and ink pads now. But they all still fit in this drawer. That Making Memories stamp tin is in another drawer these days.

As for my acrylic stamps and blocks, the larger stamp packets are in this basket...
I also have a few misting masks and envelopes in there as well.
And this little tin from the dollar spot at target holds my mini acrylic stamps and my inking tool. Which I am proud to say I have used and not let go to waste. :)

So in the next week, I am challenging myself to use my stamps on a project.
And I am challenging you as well to pick at least three stamps and use them on a card, layout or other crafty project!
I will share my project here on the blog next week, and hope you will share yours in the comments here or on the Craft Your Nest Facebook Page. I would love to feature them on the blog, too.

See you in a week! :)


  1. You look just like me, Mary Jo. I "collect stamps" but hardly ever use them. LOL Thanks for the challenge to USE them.

  2. Okay, I have not used my stamps in at least 7 years and I have a on! I will stamp on Sunday.


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