Friday, October 25, 2013

Instagram Fun

I'm in love with Instagram!  I love the 4" x 4" photos that I get printed out too.  They remind me of the "old days" and the Polaroid pictures.  Those Polaroid's were a miracle in a box!  I'm thrilled to see everybody liking the "old look" again.  Of course you know what "they" say?  "Everything old is new again".  LOL

Instagram prints are so much fun to scrap with too.  The square format actually makes it easier (for me) with picture placement.  I used to edit a lot of my other pictures to make them square.  Haha  Now I don't have to do that anymore.

Here's a picture of some of the Instagram pictures I've had printed.  (Only a scrapbooker would take a picture of some pictures.)

Here are a couple of adorable Instagram pictures that my daughter took of my grandson Asher.  He was "helping" us decorate the yard for Halloween.

I used this picture to create this layout:

It's a digital layout, but I've done lots of paper layouts too.  I used BMU_HallowsEve digital collection for this layout.

Here's the other Instagram picture of Asher:

I thought I'd have a challenge this week (with a RAK of course).  Leave a comment telling me what you think the title for the above photograph (for a layout) should be.  ("Take the passy out of your mouth" doesn't count.  Haha)  To be completely impartial ~ I'll have my hubby choose his favorite title.  Can't wait to see your comments and title suggestions.

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~ Cheryl ~


  1. Where do you have your instagrams printed? Do you do it yourself or go elsewhere. I have used a place that I am not 100% sold on. Your prints look nice.

    Great layout!
    I am not good at titles, so I have nothing (lol)

  2. So cute! Love your layout! A title... what about "When does it turn into a carriage?" :D

  3. Mary Jo ~ I have mine printed at Walgreens. They do an amazing job!! I have the "Printacular" app that I order from ~ they go straight to Walgreen's, but they might have the Instagram option on their main menu now.

    1. That is good to know, Cheryl, because I actually order regular prints through them quite a bit and pick them up same day.

  4. Chantal, congratulations ~ you won my title challenge!! I've left a comment on your blog. Thanks for playing!!


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