Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Color Challenge

While I love winters in south Georgia, I really miss the autumns from up in Pennsylvania.  I miss the cool, crisp air, and the beautiful colors of leaves on the trees.  Today's post is inspired by those falling leaves.

I want to issue a color challenge inspired by those Octobers in Pennsylvania.  I've created a Pinterest board with some colors that feel like fall to me:

The blue you don't see so much in nature, but I liked the contrast it provided to some of the other colors.  (By the way, all these colors are from Sherwin-Williams.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way...I've just been visiting their site lately as I ponder whether to paint my foyer/great room/craft room in Pottery Barn's Cupola Yellow.)

Back to the challenge though...I'm going to make this one easy.  Create a card, or layout, or project based on at least two of the colors pinned on my board.  Then link the project in the comments here or to our Facebook page.  I'll leave it open for two weeks, and I'll feature the projects on the blog in November.  There may even be a little prize involved.  ;)

Before I go, I want to share one more color-related item.  I found this online color challenge from the folks at Pantone.  It tests your color acuity (though I suppose it's only as accurate as your monitor).  I took the challenge, and here is my score:

Apparently, I can differentiate between colors really well.  I guess that's a good trait in a scrapbooker?  :)

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