Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that two weeks from today ~ Thanksgiving will be all over?  That's scary enough but Christmas is really nipping at our heels!  So, have you started your Christmas preparations?  I've been working on my Christmas cards for so long that I'm ready to move on.  I actually bought some Valentine's Day stuff yesterday.  Yikes!!

We got our new Christmas tree yesterday too.  We didn't haul ours all the way down here when we moved so we had to replace it.  For about a minute I thought about getting a live tree this year but changed my mind.  We got a 7' tall pre-lit gorgeous tree ~ with 650 lights on it!!  I wanted one of those tall skinny trees because they don't take up so much room.  We're probably going to have fun keeping Asher from taking all the ornaments off the tree.  Haha

How would you like to see some "beach stuff"???  That should take your mind off the coming holidays and the approaching snow (for some of you).  I created this little layout of Asher making "sand angels" yesterday.  Actually, he might not see real snow ~ to make snow angels~ he did see it when he was a baby and they came up north but he won't remember it.  

I used mostly dmogstad Beach Party for this layout and created the palm trees using Photoshop 11.

I adore this picture that my daughter took of Asher ~ looking out at the water.

Are you feeling warm and tropical yet??  Here's a cute picture:

One more then I'll let you "escape to the tropics" in your mind.

Greetings from Florida!!  This is a good time to live here!!

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~ Cheryl ~

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