Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Grateful!

Sorry to have been missing in action for a little bit.
I had some health issues two Fridays ago that I posted about on this post on my personal blog.
I am doing much, much better, but did not get a whole lot of scrapbooking done the last two weeks.
So as a result, this layout...
is still sitting on my workspace. I am hoping to finish it today, since I have some scrapbook time planned on my schedule!

But I don't want to leave you without some scrapbook inspiration and a chance to win this...
There is a new issue, "Grateful For You", on the Paper Issues blog. We are linking up projects using a "Grateful" theme. You can see the post *Here*.
So far I have linked up two...

This may not look like a grateful type of project at first glance. But if you can read the journaling you will see why I linked it up. :)

I have also been participating in #30gratefuldays on Instagram which is also sponsored by Paper Issues. It's been a lot of fun taking daily photos (and actually keeping up!). I realize how lucky, blessed and grateful I am for my life and the people in it. Sure some of the photos are object based. But at the heart of it all are the people!

What do you feel grateful for? Are you participating in any 30 day grateful challenges this month? Have you created any projects expressing your gratitude recently or in the past?

If you do link up to the Paper Issues grateful theme, be sure to let me know? Last month I shared a project by one of my blog friends on my Paper Issues blog post and she also ended up being featured on their Facebook page and Instagram as well!
Happy Wednesday!

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