Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Because!

I actually made a scrapbook layout this past weekend just for fun!
It is actually one that has been in the planning stages for a while. I had pinned *This Layout* on Pinterest almost a year ago! I liked the bold striped design of the background paper, and had received a similar piece in a kit. So I was inspired to give that paper a try instead of just putting it in the giveaway pile.
Unfortunately, I put the paper and photos in a large zip loc storage bag as a "future project" and never came back to it. Until recently when I was reorganizing my scrap space and came across it again still in the bag.
So I decided to just do it!
At first I was going to try and stay as close to the original layout as I could, but it just wasn't working.
Once I let go and started going my own direction, it flowed a little better.
This page is about my wonderful neighbor who we just love to pieces. She is so good to the kids and really fits the definition of "good neighbor." :)
It is very different in a lot of ways from my original inspiration. I did use the bold black and white paper, plus a few tag elements. But that is about it.
I was only going to use the two photos of the treats she had baked us as thank you's. The green paper matting the third photo was going to host my journaling. But it felt too big and just not right. Then I remembered the photo of my neighbor reading with Erin and it fit just right. Plus the three photos make a great visual triangle. And really since the page is about my neighbor, it is only fitting that it should contain a photo of her right?

The "love this" tag is a color wash tag by Pink Paislee. I decided to brighten it up a bit using an orange gelato and a bit of water. Spreading gesso on the tag first really did help the water and gelato blend together smoothly. And I used my finger to spread it around, so it was simple. I definitely recommend using gesso for a base, if you are wanting to try this technique.

What is the most recent page or project you have completed been about?

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  1. I love how you changed the layout from the original. Adding the third photo was great too - its actually my favorite one on the layout!

    I'm glad you found your ziploc bag for this layout. I hate when I set up things to make a layout and then can't find the bag when I'm looking for it!


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