Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I hope you're all having a good weekend so far.  I've been having computer issues again.  Ugh.  I thought I was all fixed up, but I guess not.  I've been having to use two different laptops ~ what a hassle.  My new one has all the mega memory on it so all of my "stuff" is on it.  It's the one I'm having so much trouble with.  It's just barely a year old ~ go figure.

Thankfully, "old faithful" (my old laptop) is working just fine.  It just has NO memory left on it.  I have to use it to do anything online though, so I'm constantly running back and forth with my flash drive.  

I wanted to show you some canvases that I've been working on.  I made these for my daughter and two of her co-workers.  They're all reading a book called "The One Thing" and this quote is directly from the book.

I apologize for the below standard photography.  Along with my computer issues, I haven't had much mojo and I was working late into the night on these and I was lucky to get ANY pictures.  The photographs are from my phone, which takes great pictures, but they don't replace the pictures taken with my Canon DSLR.

Here's the canvas I made for my daughter.

Here's a close-up of some of the flowers.  I coated them with gesso, then sprayed them til I got them to look like I wanted them to look.

I made this one for her boss.  As you can see, when I took this picture, it was still laying on my work table. haha  I added a jute bow to the keys and it really "spiffed" them up.

I just love how the wooden gears turned out.  I gessoed them too then stained them to get the look I wanted.  I thought the little metal clocks were so cute, too.  Her boss loved his so much that I got a personal email from him the very day my daughter delivered it.  

This was for one of the other women in her office.  Again, on the work table.  LOL  At least you can see the dimension.

Here's a close-up and a much truer color of the finished canvas.  

They were a LOT of work!  The hardest part of the process for me is waiting for all the layers to dry.  I know some people use a dryer but I like to let things dry naturally and "set up".  I'd hate for one of them to start falling apart or things to start falling on the floor.

I wouldn't want to try to do this for a living.  haha  I'd have to charge a fortune for them if I factored in my time.  I DID learn a lot though.  Some things worked and some didn't.  

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend.

~ Cheryl ~


  1. Cheryl, those look amazing! I love the flowers especially - gorgeous!

  2. Love each of your canvas!
    Gorgeous work!!


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