Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Raining Cats and Dogs Over at Paper Issues!

The new challenge went up over at Paper Issues this past Monday - "It's Raining Cats and Dogs!"
We don't have any pets, but I know I could always do a page on previous pets I had before I was married.
Since, I don't have any current pet layouts, I decided to focus on the rain portion of the theme and am linking up the following pages...
This one talks about how uneasy I get now when thunderstorms approach. Especially with the awful tornadoes we have had in our state the past few years.

And this page actually tells the story of a giant storm that blew quickly through here taking down several large trees in the park across the street from us. It was a little scary, but thankfully no one was hurt or property damaged except for a baseball screen.

The sponsor for the current issue is Simple Stories, and there will be three winners chosen from all of the people who link up projects. One for cat projects, one for dog projects and one for all other projects such as my rain layouts.
Since the sponsor is Simple Stories, I also linked up a few projects using their product, but I didn't share them here today.
I hope you will join in and link up a few projects! You can find the blog post *Here*.
I would love to be able to feature one of our Nesters on the Paper Issues blog next Wednesday. And I would also love to feature a few projects here on the CYN blog as well. I'll be looking for you! :)


  1. These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!

  2. Two great layouts, I remember seeing those photos in the second layout when you had that huge storm, I am shuddering again just at the thought...

  3. These are both awesome layouts. I love the colors you used in the first one, it reminds me of a storm just before it starts. And how you used yellow in the second one, like when the sun comes out again! Unless I'm reading way too much into this, in which case they are still really pretty colors!


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