Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Because!

I actually made a scrapbook layout this past weekend just for fun!
It is actually one that has been in the planning stages for a while. I had pinned *This Layout* on Pinterest almost a year ago! I liked the bold striped design of the background paper, and had received a similar piece in a kit. So I was inspired to give that paper a try instead of just putting it in the giveaway pile.
Unfortunately, I put the paper and photos in a large zip loc storage bag as a "future project" and never came back to it. Until recently when I was reorganizing my scrap space and came across it again still in the bag.
So I decided to just do it!
At first I was going to try and stay as close to the original layout as I could, but it just wasn't working.
Once I let go and started going my own direction, it flowed a little better.
This page is about my wonderful neighbor who we just love to pieces. She is so good to the kids and really fits the definition of "good neighbor." :)
It is very different in a lot of ways from my original inspiration. I did use the bold black and white paper, plus a few tag elements. But that is about it.
I was only going to use the two photos of the treats she had baked us as thank you's. The green paper matting the third photo was going to host my journaling. But it felt too big and just not right. Then I remembered the photo of my neighbor reading with Erin and it fit just right. Plus the three photos make a great visual triangle. And really since the page is about my neighbor, it is only fitting that it should contain a photo of her right?

The "love this" tag is a color wash tag by Pink Paislee. I decided to brighten it up a bit using an orange gelato and a bit of water. Spreading gesso on the tag first really did help the water and gelato blend together smoothly. And I used my finger to spread it around, so it was simple. I definitely recommend using gesso for a base, if you are wanting to try this technique.

What is the most recent page or project you have completed been about?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Embracing the Imperfect

My family has had a rough few weeks, and every time I think things are back to normal, we've been hit with something new.  The last time I posted, I mentioned my son's fractured wrist.  Well, right before Easter he came down with a severe lower respiratory infection.  Thankfully we caught it before it turned into pneumonia, but we had some scary days (and nights - the nights were so much worse).  He is doing much better (though still on a nebulizer a couple times a day), so I'm finally returning back to the blog.  

During those long nights, I started to watch Lain Ehmann's past Scrapbook Improvs, and her focus on telling the story and letting go of creating the perfect page really resonated with me.  So, I've decided to stop stressing and start creating!  I even made a video that goes through my why a bit more, and also goes through the kits I'll be using to start things off.  (Advance warning: sometimes my mouth and my brain have communication breakdowns.  There's a perfect example at the 10-minute mark.)

Extra credit if you watched the whole video.  :)

After filming the video, I brought the kits into my craft room, pulled out an Amy Tangerine embroidery template, and set the timer on my phone for 45 minutes.  I ended up finishing in 48 (it was the hand-stitching that did me in...I'm really slow).  Since it normally takes me well over an hour to finish a layout, I called it a win.  Actually, just finishing a layout is a win!

Here's the final product:

True story: I meant to create an 8.5 x 11 page on the orange cardstock, but totally forgot to measure it before starting the layout.  Once I noticed that my page was a bit larger than it should be (it measured 9.5 x 12), I decided to cut it down a bit and mount it on a 12x12 sheet.  Lesson learned: measure first gals!

Here's a close-up of the stitching that took me so darn long:

And here's my favorite part of the layout:

We're the crazy folks who look for hidden Mickeys throughout the park (my son had us buy the book)...I guess the next logical step is to start putting hidden (or not-so-hidden) Mickeys on my pages.  :)

I'm so proud of my page.  Honestly, it's been a couple months since I've created a traditional scrapbook page.  I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy the process.  As soon as I get some homeschooling and chores finished, I'm heading back to my craft room.  I'll be sure to share my next project with you.

How about you, Nesters?  Anyone else struggle with perfectionism?  If so, I challenge you to create a layout in 45 minutes or less.  I'd love to see what you create - be sure to share in the comments on our facebook page.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I hope spring has sprung in your neck of the woods.  I live in a climate where it's always warm ~ then hot, but I used to love seeing those buds peeping up through the ground. 
So, with the advent of spring, do you like to break out the spring/summer colors?  I recently found this yummy 6 x 6 paper pack over at Joann's.  It's Embellish by Dena and I wasn't familiar with this product, but just loved the yummy spring/summer colors.  I'm planning on creating some Mother's Day cards with it.

I also recently ordered this yummy summer collection by Echo Park.

Does this "scream summer" or what?
I also thought I'd do a little follow-up to Mary Jo's post about how she stores some of her scrapbook supplies. 
I've been looking and looking for the perfect sized basket for the 12 x 12 sheets of patterned paper that I know I'll be using ~ so I want it them out where they're handy.  I finally found a basket that was the perfect size.   It also HAD to have sides that went straight down.  It bugs me if my paper can't sit flat.  Here's a picture of my basket full of patterned paper.
Here are pictures of the sides.

If you're wondering how I made my dividers, I just used 12 x 12 pieces of chipboard (the ones that come with all of my online orders) and I used white cardstock (doubled) to write the name of the manufacturer/theme on.  I used strapping tape and taped the front and the back (to the chipboard).
I got this little cutie to hold some of my supples ~ it matches the big basket.  I can carry it back and forth to my work table.  (Of course, I wish I'd gotten more of these, so I'll pick them up next time.)
I have converted my walk-in closet to house a lot of my supplies.  That way, I can just shut the doors and it doesn't look like such a mess in my scraproom.  My hubby built me an organizational unit that has different sized "cubbies" in it.  I have lots of 6 x 6 paper pads, so the small cubbies are perfect for those, plus lots of other things.
I bought the little containers at the Dollar Spot at Target and have embellishments in them.
Here's a picture of my closet.

As you can see, I'm big on "containerizing".  I also love that I have "room to grow".
Hope you've enjoyed a peek into my scraproom organization.
Thanks for stopping by today.
~ Cheryl ~


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inspired By Sketches

Today I want to talk sketches!
On this post *Here*, I shared a layout I created using a sketch.

I often find sketches to be extremely helpful when I am in a rut or just needing some inspiration. I don't always use the sketch exactly as it is presented. Sometimes I just take a few ideas or design elements and run with it. But other times, I follow the sketch just as it is shown.

I come across the sketches I use in a variety of places such as personal scrapbooker blogs, manufacturer blogs, on line store sites, kit clubs and more. And I know there are blogs that are completely devoted to just sketches. So I decided to share a few of those sketch blogs with you here.

1. Creative Scrappers - Lots of great sketches can be found on this blog. I worked with one of their sketches a few months ago and came up with this page...
They also have a design team call going on right now for anyone interested.

2. My Scraps and More Sketches - This is a store site that also has a sketch blog in addition to their regular blog. I haven't tried any of the sketches yet, but plan to in the future. In fact, they have a sketch a thon going on right now for the month of April.

They have been sharing a sketch a day and there are a few that I really want to add to my Pinterest Scrapbook Sketch board.

3. Stuck?! Sketches - They have a great Archived Sketch section. Very handy for looking through quickly. I saw several that look promising!

4. Let's Get Sketchy - I haven't tried any sketches from here yet either, but there is a lot of design team inspiration with different perspectives on using their sketches.

5. Sketch Saavy - They haven't had an updated post in a few weeks, but I like the looks of the sketches that are on the blog. And the design team has some great layouts as well! I added this one to my blog reader, so hopefully they will still be posting.
This was one of the sketches that caught my eye that I think will work for me. I tend to like sketches with grid designs. :)

So there you have it! Hopefully you were able to get some sketchy inspiration. And if you know of any sketch sources that you would like to share with us, just add a link to the comments here. Or share on our Facebook page!

See you next week!

Friday, April 18, 2014


I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday!
I thought I'd share a project with all of you today. 
I bought this white 7Gypsies Artist's Printers Tray recently and decided to fill it with ATCs (Artists Trading Cards).  The openings are just a little over 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 which makes it perfect for those tiny pieces of art.
Here's what the tray looked like before I started on it.
Here's the "after" picture.  If you'll click on each one of these pictures, they will enlarge for you.

Some of the ATCs in the tray aren't new.  I started this "series" quite awhile ago.   Here are some of my brand new ones.


As you can see, I love corrugated paper ~ better known as cardboard.  Haha  I also love vintage and burlap and distress ink and LOTS of layers of Mod Podge.
Hope you enjoy seeing my finished project and thanks for stopping by today.
~ Cheryl ~

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painting Easter Eggs

Hello Nesters!  Dawn here, with a fun Easter project that is also kid-friendly (a must in my house!).  I've mentioned before that we homeschool, and I'm often on the look-out for craft projects for my boys to complete for "art class".  Here is the result of this past week's class:

A few weeks back, I spotted a bag of paper-mache eggs at Hobby Lobby.  When I saw that they were on sale, I grabbed them for an Easter craft.  

For this project, we used Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paint (which I think is no longer being produced, but any acrylic paint will work).  I also pulled out my paint brushes, disposable plates, and baby wipes (because my boys are nothing if not messy!).

I divvied up the eggs, and let the boys get to work.  My eldest is currently in a cast (he fractured his wrist), but he still got in on the action.  We put two coats of paint on each egg.

And here are the eggs after the paint:

Can you guess which eggs they left for Momma to paint?  For some reason, those boys didn't want to touch the pink paint.  :)  If you look closely at the above picture, you can see that the eggs aren't perfect.  There is a part of me that really wanted to go back and clean them up, but I also wanted the kids' work to show, so I left them as is.  (Someone please tell me I'm not the only mom who feels this way sometimes.)

Once the paint dried (we actually left it overnight), we went back and decorated the eggs.  Again, you can probably figure out which ones were mine.  My husband actually got in on the action and painted a couple of these (and he doesn't like to craft, so that's a big deal in our family!).  Overall, the project took less than 2 hours (including clean-up) spread over both days. If you're looking for an Easter project, this is a quick one that you could definitely complete before the weekend - and if I know Hobby Lobby, those eggs are still on sale!  

Our eggs are currently sitting on a table in our foyer.  I'll be honest, they make me smile every time I walk past.  

I feel like I need to apologize for my lack of posting lately.  The past couple months have been very rough on my little family, as my two eldest boys have been dealing with some unexpected health issues.  We think things are a bit settled now, and I'm really hoping to get back into my craft room.  

In happier news, I just found out about a free Sketchathon on the My Scraps & More forums (as a heads up, I think you have to be approved before you can access the forums).  The design team is posting a sketch a day for the entire month of April, so there's some great inspiration happening there - and prizes.  :)  I'm hoping to post a page next week inspired by one of their challenges (fingers crossed!).

Well, that's all from me.  I hope you have a very wonderful Easter!

P.S.  I'm not affiliated with Hobby Lobby nor My Scraps & More, and I'm not being compensated for posting about either.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I want to share some a fun storage I found in the dollar spot at Target on Monday!
These little metal bins match a few other office storage pieces that I currently have on my counter. I bought three black and three silver. As you can see, I decided to put some of my wood veneer in two of them and decorative clips in the middle one.

When I saw the bins at Target, I definitely had it in mind for wood veneer storage, but this isn't quite how I had planned it. Originally I thought I would use all six for veneer, but I had more of those little embellishments than I realized.
This photo kind of gives you an idea of how big a mess my wood veneer had become.  I had been storing it all open in that little plastic bin drawer. I could never find anything and it was packed! So I chose to use two of the metal bins for star/asterisk and word veneer, and then the rest was going back in this drawer. But first I cut some foam board dividers. It's not ideal, but it's working and helping to separate my veneer a little bit better than before. The next step was the huge task of sorting it all. Now I am going to be able to find what I am looking for just a little easier. And yes, I do have a few chipboard hearts up front there with my heart veneers. I use those on my pages a lot and probably need some more. :)

And done!

I actually found this basket at Michael's a week or so ago and bought two of them. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to use them for, but I have a few bigger baskets that match. As I was moving things around, I realized putting one on each side of the center window of my office space balanced things out nicely. This one holds my flair and enamel dots.  The other one currently holds all those die cut and ephemera packs I have been collecting.
As you can see in the basket on the left, I placed one of the silver dollar spot bins in there to hold the loose flair I have accumulated from kits and other places. It fits perfectly for now. The last two silver bins are not in use yet, but I am sure I will have a spot for them soon!

Have you had any great storage finds lately that you can share with us?
Feel free to leave a link in the comments or visit our Facebook page and share a photo.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And I'm Back!

Posting to the blog two weeks in a row. I am on a roll! :)

Today I want to share a layout I created using the latest challenge from Paper Issues. Every two weeks they have a new "issue" or challenge theme go up on the blog. This time it is called "A Pocket Full of Sunshine" and it's being sponsored by Panda Eight Designs.
Martha designed the cutest set of flair for this issue and I used one of them on my page.
I also used this sketch
My blog friend, Evie had it on her blog recently and I pinned it pretty quickly. I knew I wanted to use it for this page!

I definitely plan on linking up my page at Paper Issues. As a design team member, I am not eligible for the prize which is your choice of five free sets of flair from Martha's Panda Eight Designs store. But I still like linking up, even when I am not assigned to an issue.

You on the other hand are eligible. And you have until this Sunday, April 13 before the new issue starts on Monday.

My challenge to you is to use the theme "A Pocket Full of Sunshine" to create a page or other project whether you link up or not. If you do, please share a link with me in the comments so I can check it out and leave you some love. Plus, at the end of April, I will do a little giveaway here. Anyone who participates in any of the challenges I share will have a chance to win :)

Thanks for stopping by today and I will check in next Wednesday with a new challenge.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After a much needed break, I am back!
I kind of stopped scrapbooking for a bit, except for two or three assignments and a mini-album gift I made for my husband for Valentine's day.
I am going to share those projects with you today, and then talk a little about what my goal is going to be for my posts here at Craft Your Nest. :)
My first page for the year was based on my One Little Word. A concept introduced by Ali Edwards several years back. I decided to make Focus my word for this year. Something I really, really need to work on around here. And I think I am doing better.
I also made a small tag mini album as a gift for my husband on Valentine's Day.

Then I made a collage out of the photos from that mini album and made a scrapbook page as well for a design team assignment at Paper Issues!
And I made a few Valentine's Day cards.

This layout was a design team assignment as well for Paper Issues using digital cut files.
So I would say this is the extent of my scrapbooking in the past three months, except I did go to a weekend crop which was fantastic. It was so much fun to get away and just scrapbook for a weekend.
I worked on a 2013 Summer Project Life album that I haven't taken photos of yet. I find PL pages hard to photograph with the glare from the page protectors. But I am working on it.

Now that I am really in the mood to scrapbook again, I am looking forward to offering "use your stash" challenges here on the blog every Wednesday starting next week. I really need to use up product I have on hand and know that a lot of scrapbookers feel the same way! So I am going to put together some challenges using specific product as well as inspiration I have collected on my Pinterest board. I have a little bit of a stash issue there as well. So many wonderful ideas pinned that need to be used! :) So you will see sketches, layouts, cards, color inspiration and more here every Wednesday. There will also be prizes as well.
I hope you will join me.

Images by Freepik