Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Friday {Late}

It's technically Saturday morning, but since I haven't gone to bed tonight, it's still Friday night to me.

If any of you saw what was on my desk on Mary Jo's FB post, you saw lots and lots of beads.  I have a bee in my bonnet to make some jewelry.  Many years ago ~ way back before I ever even heard of scrapbooking, I made jewelry.  In fact, I had my own jewelry shop.

The stuff I made was what I called "earthy and natural".  I used a lot of turquoise, coral, shells (right off the beaches, Puca beads (from Hawaii).  I also started out using lots of twine and good old string.  There wasn't anybody else doing it, so what started out as a little hobby of mine turned into a business.

I got out of it just about the time that "fine jewelry" started taking over.  It was just a "phase" and I jumped in and took advantage of that "phase".  Boy, was it fun while it lasted.  Jewelry making is SO popular again, so I've just been looking at some beads and picking up some things that I like.  It takes me awhile to go back in my memory and figure out how things go together ~ like which "findings" to use for what.

Here's a bracelet that I made today and by golly I'm pretty happy with it.  The color didn't photograph true, but this IS turquoise.

I used turquoise chips and strung them on wire.  I even used a barrel fastener and remembered how to attach the wire to the barrel ends.  Yay me.  I found these adorable little charms on a clasp and added them right in the middle.  I like "dangly things" so I'll wear the charms on the top and let them hang down toward my ringers.

Here's a close-up of the charms.

I actually have another set of 3 different hanging charms that I think I'll add to this bracelet.

I love to wear black and I also like leather.  Here's a bracelet I made that I think's really cool.

It's a leather wrap bracelet and I attached the word "create" to the middle piece of leather and the word sits on the top of my wrist.  Of course, I'm pretty partial to that word.  LOL

Here's the only other bracelet I've made so far.

I don't know if you hunt for new trends in hand-made jewelry like I do, but one of the big trends right now is using sari silk to make all sorts of jewelry.  This isn't sari silk, but it IS silk wrap and I thought it looked very close to the sari silk strips I've been seeing.

Here's what it looks like on.

I just love these wings with the heart in the center.  I had to do quite a bit of work to attach the wings to the silk.  I tied it with very fine black leather and made tiny knots.  Then I used E6000 glue and let it dry for 24 hours.  I was then able to cut off the excess black leather twine left behind after I tied the knots.  

I think this is the start of a new avenue for me.  I honestly didn't think I'd get interested in making jewelry again.  I have a very distinct taste and have never been a glitzy glam girl.  I love this earthy natural stuff, so I'm going to be dabbling around.

I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Cheryl ~


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